Over 500 km of discovery and immersion in nature, about 350,000 hectares of extraordinary landscape and biodiversity heritage through villages rich in history, between mountains and sea: the Calabrian Parks’ Bicycle Path crosses the Calabria region from the Aspromonte to The Pollino, through Sila, and the Serre, offering a tourist itinerary of strong historic, cultural, and natural value.   The Calabrian Parks’ Bicycle Path is a project that intends to promote natural areas and increase sustainable mobility to allow everyone to appreciate the region’s landscape and its cultural heritage. Made up of roads, paths and bicycle-paths present along the ridge of the Calabrian Apennines, the bicycle route crosses the Aspromonte, Sila and Pollino National Parks and the Serre Regional Park. Unique places, spectacular views, a rich biodiversity, and a true immersion in villages of historic-cultural value. Beautiful paths to be slowly discovered by those who want to visit unexplored places, and to live intense and adventurous experiences.   Thanks to the support of the funds from the Axis 6 - Protection and enhancement of the environmental and cultural heritage - Action 6.6.1, of the Calabria Region’s Operational Programme 2014/2020 – related to the protection and valorisation of areas of important natural value that can consolidate and promote development processes, the Calabrian Parks’ Bicycle Path Project carried out interventions for route safety, road surface restoration, placement of both horizontal and vertical signage, and the installation of protective elements. These works helped launch this territorial enhancing project, which offers bikers a unique dimension for authentic tourist experience, increasing the notoriety of a region that is still little known, but with great potential.   The fact that the Calabrian Parks’ Bicycle Path is a Tourism Good Practice at an international level was confirmed by the “Italian Oscar for Green Roads 2021” award, which justified the choice by stating that the reasons for this prestigious award “lie in the brilliant design idea, focused on the valorisation of sustainable tourism and slow mobility through four splendid and intact protected areas, and on villages and towns that embody the spirit of Calabria, and for the good example of integrated communication, thanks to the excellent organization, and the ability to present the path and the territory through a multilingual site, and social media channels ".   Moreover, the Calabria Region has chosen the Calabrian Parks Bicycle Path as a pilot to test the "BEST MED Sustainable & Cultural path model" as part of the BEST MED European Territorial Cooperation project of the INTERREG VB Mediterranean Program, currently being implemented in eight Mediterranean countries (Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece and Montenegro), with the general objective of strengthening Mediterranean governance and having a new integrated and sustainable tourism planning. aimed at mitigating seasonality in the Mediterranean area.   Thanks to the interaction between the Park Authorities, who share management of the project, and the relationship with the Calabria Region and other institutional and private subjects operating along the itinerary, the Calabrian Parks Bicycle Path is an exemplary project of multilevel governance, a virtuous management model that allows the actors of the territory to dialogue and operate with the common goal of sustainable tourism and the valorisation of the natural and cultural landscape heritage of Calabria.
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Aspromonte National Park Authority - The Aspromonte National Park extends for 64,544.61 hectares within the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria. Among its offer, there is the Regional Observatory for Biodiversity, created together with the University of Calabria, to propagate knowledge of the flora, fauna, habitats, and ecosystems of Calabria, through a web mapping system to encourage exploration. The Authority has a President, a Board of Directors, the Park Community, offices, and other entities that contribute to the achievement of the common objectives of protection and valorisation.   Pollino National Park Authority - The Pollino National Park falls into the regions of Calabria and Basilicata, extending over 192,565.00 hectares, between the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas. The Pollino Regional Park was created through the Regional Law N° 3/1986, but the current Authority was established only in 1993. It is characterized by its numerous rivers and wide valleys that mark the territory and allow you to practice sports such as rafting. Furthermore, it is full of hiking trails with different degrees of difficulty.   Sila National Park Authority - The Sila National Park has an area of 73,695.00 hectares, distributed between the provinces of Catanzaro, Cosenza, and Crotone. The Authority was established with Presidential Decree N° 14/11/2002, to protect areas of significant environmental interest in the Sila Piccola, the Sila Grande and the Sila Greca, and to favour the development of traditional agrarian-forestry-pastoral activities, crafts, sports, food, wine, and tourism. In addition, it promotes initiatives for sustainable socio-economic development to benefit the area and its inhabitants.   Serre Regional Park Authority – This Park is located within the provinces of Catanzaro, Reggio Calabria and Vibo Valentia. It has 17,687.00 hectares, including the wetlands of international importance of Lake Angitola (875 hectares), located outside the formal territory. The Authority was established with Regional Law N° 48 of 5th May 1990, and is managed by a President, a Board of Directors, and the Park Community, made up of the Presidents of the Provinces, Mountain Communities, and the mayors -or delegated councillors- of the municipalities within the area.
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Axis 6

Protection and enhancement of the environmental and cultural heritage



Start date: 11/06/2018
End date: -


Actions 6.6.1

Interventi per la tutela e la valorizzazione di aree di attrazione naturale di rilevanza strategica (aree protette in ambito terrestre e marino, paesaggi tutelati) tali da consolidare e promuovere processi di sviluppo.


Specific goal 6.6

Miglioramento delle condizioni e degli standard di offerta e fruizione del patrimonio nelle aree di attrazione naturale attraverso la valorizzazione integrata di risorse e competenze territoriali
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Guaranteed expenditure (Ultima DDP)

€ 5.433.315,06

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Spending progress

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