More than 25.000 students enrolled. Around 200 teaching rooms for a comprehensive capacity of 14.500 places. More than 800 professors, and 650 persons in management, admin and technical duties. The campus of the University of Calabria is visited daily by over 40,000 people including enrolled students, teachers, external staff and visitors that today also holds the distinction of being one of the greenest and most sustainable universities in all of Italy, thanks to energy saving interventions carried out. Regarding this aspect, the University has carried out a whole renovation of its indoor artificial lighting system to pursue the dual objective of reducing the University's energy consumption, with the consequent reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, and of upgrading the lighting system of the internal areas, which was very often obsolete and, in some cases, not capable of meeting minimum lighting requirements established by current regulations. In particular, this intervention provided for the replacement of the lighting bodies located inside the premises of the University of Calabria, such as classrooms, studies, laboratories, Aula Magna, Libraries, Administration, Secretary, multipurpose rooms, toilets and transit areas. Approximately 33,000 LED lighting fixtures allow a considerable energy consumption reduction. The improvement features related to the adoption of LED lamps affect all aspects inherent to using light sources, such as savings of about 93% compared to incandescent lamps; 90% savings compared to halogen lamps, 70% reduction compared to metal halide lamps and 66% compared to fluorescent lamps. In addition to the considerable drop in the University’s energy consumption and the consequent reduction on CO2 emissions, the energy budget has decreased of about 40%. Furthermore, thanks to a software platform, created within the project, the new lighting system can be linked to brightness dimmers and control systems to program switching on the lighting bodies at any given time of the day and to regulate the luminous flux vis à vis the presence of external light. A solution that makes the new system even more virtuous in terms of efficiency and sustainability, shown by an average 60% energy savings produced. The system allows monitoring all lighting while considering natural light: the intervention involved, in fact, not only the replacement of the old lighting bodies but also the installation of highly innovative sensors, which allow the new  LED lamps to turn on and to switch off automatically if no presence is detected. The intervention made it possible to comply in every area with the technical requirements of the lighting devices prescribed by the UNI EN 12464-1 standard, and to significantly improve the visual quality, through the average illumination of the visual object (Lux); uniformity of illumination (Emed/Emin); the unified direct/indirect glare rating index (UGR); the colour rendering index of the illuminated object (CRI); and the colour temperature (CCT). This has made it possible to reduce light pollution, to redevelop the university environments, to be able to constantly monitor consumption and accesses. In addition, it is possible to minimize the impact of the installation on the daily performance of teaching activities and to comply with the performance and regulatory requirements, ranging from luminous efficiency above 130lm / W, up to zero photobiological risk.
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Axis 4

Energetic efficiency and sustainable mobility



Start date: 12/06/2017
End date: -


Actions 4.1.1

Promozione dell’eco-efficienza e riduzione di consumi di energia primaria negli edifici e strutture pubbliche: interventi di ristrutturazione di singoli edifici o complessi di edifici, installazione di sistemi intelligenti di telecontrollo, regolazione, ge


Specific goal 4.1

Riduzione dei consumi energetici negli edifici e nelle strutture pubbliche o ad uso pubblico e integrazione di fonti rinnovabili
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€ 12.355.708,93

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Spending progress




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Ponte P. Bucci Cubo 22, 87036 Rende Arcavacata, Calabria Italia

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