A highly innovative system conceived and designed to support divers through modern technologies for diagnosing, recovering, managing, preserving and enhancing archaeological and natural heritage sites in marine areas. This is MOLUX (MObile Lab for Underwater eXploration), a project created to increase the efficiency and safety of underwater operations, guaranteeing divers the possibility of knowing their position within the area they are visiting at any time, of acquiring geopositioned data (images, videos, notes , environmental parameters) and to optimize and monitor the path to follow to carry the mission to a good end. The intervention involved the development of an underwater tablet, connected to a catamaran that allows land operators to control and supervise the mission. The team that designed it wanted to take on the challenge of improving archaeological sites, through a decisive action of responsible innovation. An intervention of true Customer Experience Technology: designing "live", versatile technologies, capable of being improved making it easier, more intuitive and effective to experience what surrounds us, to explore what we see, visit and admire. In the field of Cultural Heritage, that of underwater archaeology is undoubtedly the most difficult sector to be enjoyed, as its access is quite limited to the few divers and specialists who possess a diving license. Yet, underwater exploration has always exerted an irresistible charm in the collective imagination and the archaeological and the natural richness of the Italian seabed and in particular those of the Calabria region represent a treasure with such an inestimable value as to remain unknown to the vast majority of people.
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Axis 1

Research and innovation



Start date: 04/12/2017
End date: -


Actions 1.2.2

Supporto alla realizzazione di progetti complessi di attività di ricerca e sviluppo su aree tematiche di rilievo e all’applicazione di soluzioni tecnologiche funzionali alla realizzazione delle strategie di S3


Specific goal 1.2

Rafforzamento del sistema innovativo regionale e nazionale
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Total value

€ 702.756,70

Public Funding allowed

484.286,11 €

Private endowment

€ 218.470,59

Guaranteed expenditure (Ultima DDP)

€ 483.891,86

Spending progress


Spending progress




Ponte P. Bucci Cubo 22, 87036 Rende Arcavacata, Calabria Italia

University of Calabria, Rende,



Ponte P. Bucci Cubo 22, 87036 Rende Arcavacata, Calabria Italia

University of Calabria, Rende,
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