Life Sciences is now an ever increasingly dominant topic that includes the areas of biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biotechnologies and is characterized by a strong transversality and interdisciplinarity. Scientific research shows that, through the production of function-specific nano and micro particles, to be used as carriers for a wide range of bioactive molecules, it is possible to create alternatives to cancer therapy. An example of this are the systems developed with the NANOCAL project that fall precisely within the innovative sector of advanced materials and biotechnology. Mesoporous silica-based multifunctional nanoparticles (MSNs) can be used as intelligent alternatives to classical chemotherapy. In fact, these are therapeutic systems made up of nanostructured materials whose technology, and therefore effectiveness, depends on the vital activities carried out by cancer cells. The main problem of many traditional drugs and anticancer therapies is the toxic effects they produce on healthy cells. Therefore, the design of nanostructured pharmaceutical systems for the controlled release of anticancer drugs is, to date, a leading sector of scientific research that has received great attention. This project is part of the drug delivery sector, which aims at ensuring the direct delivery of drugs into target tissues with the intention of minimizing or even zeroing toxic effects on healthy cells, increasing the individual's response to treatment. The advances made by science are a testimony that regarding the properties, synthesis, characterisation and biological validation of mesoporous silicas, innovative transport systems for drugs of high technological value can be developed. These systems make it possible to convey effective drugs already on the market directly to the target tissues or cells, thus optimising their therapeutic efficacy and reducing their toxicity, therefore laying the foundations for the discovery of innovative therapies in the future.
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Axis 1

Research and innovation



Start date: 05/12/2017
End date: 26/08/2021


Actions 1.2.2

Supporto alla realizzazione di progetti complessi di attività di ricerca e sviluppo su aree tematiche di rilievo e all’applicazione di soluzioni tecnologiche funzionali alla realizzazione delle strategie di S3


Specific goal 1.2

Rafforzamento del sistema innovativo regionale e nazionale
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Total value

€ 543.512,80

Public Funding allowed

400.972,68 €

Private endowment

€ 142.540,12

Guaranteed expenditure (Ultima DDP)

€ 399.424,47

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Spending progress




Ponte P. Bucci Cubo 22, 87036 Rende Arcavacata, Calabria Italia

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Ponte P. Bucci Cubo 22, 87036 Rende Arcavacata, Calabria Italia

University of Calabria, Rende,
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