An entrepreneurial idea born both from a strong passion for Japan and its traditions, especially its tools and above all its knives, and from the strong roots of traditional Calabrian craftsmanship. On the one hand, Japanese knives that have a place of honour among chefs and collectors worldwide and, on the other, an ancient Calabrian craftmanship typical to the Presila area. After several years of studying Japanese culture, its fusion with the ancient Calabrian craftmanship methods gave birth to the Tasa’s company and style. Tasa Tarantino manufactures professional knives, bonsai pruning tools, and other objects using Calabrian raw materials, such as wood from the Sila mountains, and forging techniques learnt from Japanese masters. A wide range of stylish, functional and customizable design products of the highest quality fully handmade in Italy, In particular, this intervention included granting economic incentives to support the launch of a new business initiative: Tasa. A company with experience creating jewellery, accessories for the kitchen, hobbies, hunting, fishing, and the outdoors and especially professional cutlery, all completely handmade items. This initiative, which included tutoring, support and consultancy services to support the establishment and development of the company, made possible the creation of a company that from a small town in Calabria exports its products to Japan, a country with which Tasa Tarantino now shares tempering and forging techniques in order to create professional tools for woodworking, used by the major Italian and international Bonsai masters. All products can be bought from the company's online shop.
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Axis 8

Promotion of sustainable and quality employment



Start date: 14/05/2019
End date: -


Actions 8.5.3

Percorsi di sostegno alla creazione d'impresa e al lavoro autonomo, ivi compreso il trasferimento d'azienda (ricambio generazionale)”


Specific goal 8.5

Favorire l’inserimento lavorativo e l’occupazione dei disoccupati di lunga durata e dei soggetti con maggiori difficoltà di inserimento lavorativo, nonché il sostegno delle persone a rischio di disoccupazione di lunga durata
Latest update

Total value

€ 37.000,00

Public Funding allowed

27.750,00 €

Private endowment

€ 9.250,00

Guaranteed expenditure (Ultima DDP)

€ 7.270,35

Spending progress


Spending progress




Via Guido Rossa, 57, 87059 Casali del Manco, 87059 Loc. Spezzano Piccolo, Calabria Italia

Via Guido Rossa, 57, Casali del Manco,



Via Guido Rossa, 57, 87059 Casali del Manco, 87059 Loc. Spezzano Piccolo, Calabria Italia

Via Guido Rossa, 57, Casali del Manco,
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