The Sanctuary founded by Saint Francis of Paola in the 15th century (1435-1452), stands on the banks of the Isca creek, in the place where the Saint started his hermit life, when still quite young. At the beginning, the structure was intended to be a small church dedicated to the homonymous saint from Assisi, a reference for religious people who had reached the hermitage. However, from the first years following the start of the construction, the consistent flow of faithful to be welcomed deemed necessary to foresee a considerable expansion of the original project, which led to the creation of a monastic complex that could also host the friars. This protection and enhancement interventions were aimed at finishing the Sanctuary, in order to strengthen the actual structure and at the same time, remember the figure of the Saint who thousands of pilgrims visit. The interventions included architectural restoration; consolidation; demolition and reconstruction to ensure the safe use of spaces; waterproofing and insulation of surfaces; restoration of frescoes and other works of art. The project, in fact, provided for interventions both within the Conventual Complex located extra mœnia (outside the walls) with respect to Paola's inhabited area, and on the birthplace of the saint, which is located right in the historic centre. The interventions planned within the conventual complex concerned the following areas: The Canvass Room; the Chapel of the Saint; the Dome of the Saint or of the Sanctuary; and the ancient furnace. Today, this place brings to Calabria a large number of tourists from all over the world, recording millions of visitors a year and placing itself in first place among the most visited Calabrian religious sites (source "Tourism Report" - Department of Tourism, Calabria Region).
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Axis 6

Protection and enhancement of the environmental and cultural heritage



Start date: 20/11/2017
End date: -


Actions 6.7.1

Interventi per la tutela, la valorizzazione e la messa in rete del patrimonio culturale, materiale e immateriale, nelle aree di attrazione di rilevanza strategica tale da consolidare e promuovere processi di sviluppo.


Specific goal 6.7

Miglioramento delle condizioni e degli standard di offerta e fruizione del patrimonio culturale, nelle aree di attrazione
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Total value

€ 1.200.000,00

Public Funding allowed

1.200.000,00 €

Private endowment

€ 0,00

Guaranteed expenditure (Ultima DDP)

€ 798.986,11

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Spending progress




Paola, Calabria Italia

Comune di Paola, Paola,



Paola, Calabria Italia

Comune di Paola, Paola,
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