Everyday in Calabria

“Every day in Calabria” is the core of the communication campaign created in compliance with EU Regulation 1303/2013, (Article 115-117 and Annex XII) and envisaged as part of the Communication Strategy of the ROP Calabria ERDF ESF 14/20 (Regional Decree N°.128 of 15 April 2016, ref. CE ARES (2016) 4991699), launched with the aim of disseminating the results of the interventions carried out and still in progress.

This communication initiative aims to broadcast information on what has been done so far and to promote knowledge of the added value created in the area. “Every day in Calabria” also wants to be a showcase for good examples, as established in Annex XII, through which to valorise the many initiatives carried out in Calabria thanks to the ROP Calabria 2014/2020.