What’s Stories of Calabria

Data transparency and storytelling effectiveness are the main elements that characterize the thematic portal “Racconti di Calabria” – #EUinmyRegion through which the Calabria Region intends to divulge the results of projects and good practices of the Regional Operational Programme, as part of ROP ERDF ESF 14/20’s Communication Strategy.
”Racconti di Calabria” – #EUinmyRegion, created within CalabriaEuropa, is a web portal entirely dedicated to presenting standardized information that allows a simple and dynamic research of financial and progress data related to the interventions carried out with ROP Calabria funds. It is structured to also convey the projects’ description, through the use of interactive maps and a wide set of multimedia material (photos and videos) specifically made for social networks.
Also available in English, its constantly updated set of contents presents also the positive narrative of things done and good examples, defining the format as a valid tool to restore visibility to individual projects and beneficiaries, and to promote civic monitoring and social control by the Calabrian community. A site “always open” to new contributions, and to the continuous implementation of data and stories that arrive from the territory.
Everybody can access the information related to the data and resources of the funded actions and projects, whose primary source is the SIURP (regional unitary programming information system, by its acronym in Italian), by querying the interventions by thematic objectives and by geographical area of implementation.
Furthermore, thanks to the project “Racconti di Calabria”, the Region was selected from over 600 applications, to become one of the 12 exhibitors regarding civic involvement in cohesion policy at the European Week of Regions and Cities 2020, dedicating a specific technical seminar within the programme of the main showcase of regional and local authorities organised at European level
Following the principles of service and knowledge transfer, which have always inspired the planning of all communication initiatives aimed at the general public, “Racconti di Calabria” wants to represent a space in which the effectiveness of cohesion policies and their ability to create added value in the territory are highlighted.
The experiences and stories of “Every day in Calabria” create a showcase to valorise the many initiatives carried out in Calabria thanks to the ROP Calabria 2014/2020, in which the beneficiaries are the protagonists and referrals of their commitment, and of the goals achieved thanks to EU funds.

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